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Their Curse
I loved you like there was no tomorrow. Then one day, there wasn't.
She was head over heels for him but couldn't stand her city. "You might want to get out of the city tonight."
"I'm planning to burn it to the ground."
The boy confused and worried for his friend, loved the city to no end. "I can't do that."
"But I'll kill you."
"Heh. Well. How about... no."
Dumbfounded. At a loss of word. She studied her hands and wonder whether she was ready to have blood on them, whether she was ready to kill someone. Her someone. Her brain spoke for her, "Fine, who cares... die." but then your heart whispered "You care, stupid..."
Hair fell over his forehead, hiding his sea blue eyes as he lowered his head. Hand reaching up to his face. A laughter growing louder by the second. Using his hand he flipped his hair to show his teary eyes and a demonic broken grin. The boy was ready to fight, for what he had not known. Torn between love; the city or the girl choose but choose wisely for both will
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Una (OC)
The background was painted with watercolors and Una was colored with coloured pencils.

She is a demon who's father is the brother of Satan. She left hell through a portal she made and wound up on Earth. On Earth she where's sweater turtle necks to hide most of her abnormalities. She joins a group of humans that have some abnormalities themselves and gains friends.

Zoya Tourian (OC)
Name: Zoya Tourian
Personality: Outgoing, opinionated, funny, energetic, caring
Preferred music: Pop, rap
Religion: Taoism

Nasakasako Yoshio (OC)
Original Character (OC)

Personality: Gentle, Shy, Caring, Quiet, Awkward

Preferred Music: Acoustic, Classical

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Amateur Astronamy

Religion: Nonreligious
Does anyone want any art made for them by me? I would be more than glad too. If so please message me!

Goodbye Loves.


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Cruel World
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"I have a knack for capturing the moments many seem to miss." -Connor Franta

I obsess a lot so it's not uncommon to see me fangirl. I also love photography and pretty much live on the internet with hopes to one day travel far away from where I live.


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